Allianz Arena

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Allianz Arena

Former names : FIFA World Cup Stadium Munich (2006 FIFA World Cup)
Coordinates : 48° 13′ 7.59″ N, 11° 37′ 29.11″ E
Location : Munich, Germany
Broke ground : October 21, 2002
Opened : May 30, 2005
Owner : Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH
Operator : Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH
Surface : Grass
Construction cost : € 340 million
Architect : Herzog & de Meuron ArupSpor
Capacity : 69,901 (seating and standing), 66,000 (seating only)
Field dimensions : 105m x 68m
Tenants : Bayern München, TSV 1860 München

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich, Germany. The
two professional Munich football clubs FC Bayern München and TSV 1860
München have played their home games at Allianz Arena since the start of the
2005/06 season. Both clubs had previously played their home games at the
Munich Olympic Stadium; FC Bayern München since 1972 and TSV 1860
München since the 1990s.

The large financial services provider, Allianz purchased the rights to name the
stadium for 30 years. During the 2006 World Cup it was known as FIFA World
Cup Stadium Munich.

Stadium specifics
The stadium is located at the northern edge of Munich’s borough of
Schwabing on the Fröttmaning Heath. It is the first stadium in the world that
has a full changing color outside.

Effective with the city’s approval of modifications that was granted January 16
2006, the legal capacity of the stadium has increased from 66,000 to 69,901
spectators (including standing room). The lower tier can seat up to 20,000, the
middle tier up to 24,000, and the upper tier up to 22,000. 10,400 of the seats
in the lower tier corners can be converted to standing room to allow an
additional 30,120 spectators. The total capacity includes 2,000 business seats
400 seats for the press, 106 luxury boxes with seating for up to 174 and 165
berths for wheel chairs and the like. From the second half of the 2005-06
Bundesliga season, the arena is able to accommodate 69,901 spectators at
league and German Cup games, but because of UEFA regulations, the capacity
remains at 66,000 seats for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup games.
Bayern München has limited capacity during their league and cup games to
69,000. The partial roof covers all seats, although winds can still blow rain
onto some of them.

Allianz Arena also offers three day-care centers, two fan shops, the FC Bayern
München Megastore and the TSV 1860 München Allianz Arena Megastore.
Merchandise is offered at stands all along the inside of the exterior wall inside
the area behind the seats. Numerous restaurants and fast food establishments
are also located around the stadium.

There are four team locker rooms (one each for the two home teams and their
respective opponents), four coaches’ locker rooms and two locker rooms for
referees. Two areas are provided where athletes can warm up (approx. 110 m²
each). There are also 550 toilets and 190 monitors in the arena.


  • Stadium: 258 m x 227 m x 50 m
  • Playing level: 120 m x 83 m
  • Gross grass area: 111 m x 72 m
  • Playing field: 105 m x 68 m
  • Parking garage: 270,000 m²


  • Total concrete used during stadium construction: 120,000 m³
  • Total concrete used for the parking garage: 85,000 m³
  • Total steel used during stadium construction: 22,000 tonnes
  • Total steel used for the parking garage: 14,000 tonnes

The arena facade is constructed of 2,874 ETFE-foil air panels that are kept
inflated with dry air to a differential pressure of 0.038 hPa. The panels appear
white from far away but when examined closely, there are little dots on the
panels. When viewed from far away, the eye combines the dots and sees white
When viewed close up however, it is possible to see through the foil. The foil

has a thickness of 0.2 mm. Each panel can be independently lit with white, red
or blue light. The intention is to light the panels at each game with the colors
of the respective home team, or white if the home team is the German national
football team. It was this capability in particular that attracted the attention of
the New York Jets American Football Club. The Jets currently share Giants
Stadium with its namesake tennants, and the two clubs will cohabit at a new
stadium beginning in 2010.

To light Allianz Arena up for one hour costs about 50 Euros (75 USD). Roller
blinds installed under the roof may be drawn during games to provide
protection from the sun.


On October 21, 2002 voters went to the polls to determine whether a new
stadium should be built in this location and whether the city of Munich
should provide the necessary infrastructure. About two thirds of the voters
decided in favor of the proposition. An alternative to constructing the new
arena had been a major reconstruction of the Olympic Stadium but this
option had been refused by its architect Günther Behnisch.

The Swiss architect firm of Herzog & de Meuron then developed the concept
of the stadium with a see-through exterior made of ETFE-foil panels, that
can be lit from the inside and are self-cleaning. Construction started in the
fall of 2002 and was completed by the end of April 2005.

The Fröttmaning and Marienplatz stations of the subway line U6 were
expanded and improved in conjunction with the arena construction. The
Fröttmaning subway station was expanded from two to four tracks, while the
Marienplatz U-Bahn station was outfitted with additional pedestrian connector
tunnels running parallel to the subway tracks, which lead towards the S-Bahn
portion of the station, lessening congestion among passengers making
connections to the Munich S-Bahn. To be able to handle the additional traffic
load the Autobahn A9 was expanded to three and four lanes going each way
and another exit was added to the A99 north of the arena.

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